Silver Glass Pearls on Hammered Sterling Hoops


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Hand Made Hammered Sterling silver hoop dangle, rings and ear wires with a large 12 mm Glass Pearl in Silver ColorHammered Sterling Silver Hoops with Silver Glass Pearls

These sterling hoops measure 22mm and are hand hammered and polished and dangle from hammered soldered rings and have sterling ear wires. The Glass Pearls measure 12mm, and are a natural silver color with a deep luster.

Glass pearls are a cultivated pearl, which, like all farmed pearls, begin with a seed bead nucleated or inserted into the mollusk. The bead can be any size and is made of mother-of pearl, plastic or glass. These glass pearls begin as round glass beads and are covered with the soft lustrous coating of sea pearls which is called nacre. The color is natural and not dyed, and has excellent depth and light play. The large size makes a statement and the excellent movement gives plenty of opportunity for light and color reflection. Because of their origin, glass pearls are extremely uniform in color, shape and size. The hand hammering of sturdy sterling wire gives them some handmade individuality.

Wear them with a fancy dress or jeans. These are definitely not your grandmother’s pearls.  At ASJ we believe in the concept of everyday pearls, for anyone.

Each pair of earrings comes in a nice recyclable linen-look cardboard box with a satin pouch inside. If you would like to have your jewelry gift packaged, please note that in your order and add an extra $5.00 for a large satin ribbon, a wax stamp, tissue paper and a gift bag.