Pearl Rules: Get What You Want & Your Money’s Worth

TMI or just enough? Too much information about gemstones and jewelry-making can be overwhelming, but the right amount of knowledge about jewelry pricing, fakes, and definitions can help you get what you want, and what you pay for. Back in the oldy-mouldy days, there were rules, like: ladies wear pearls, unless they didn’t have any money, in which case they didn’t wear real ones.

In Gigi, Colette’s novel of high Parisian antebellum society, the most scathing thing the old courtesan, Madame What’s-her-face, says about some woman is about her pearls: she sniffs, “Did you see that rope of black pearls around her neck? Dipped!” and later, “Dipped! The poor thing doesn’t know it… not worth a sous.” So, you know, they faked them even then.

But listen, it’s a new wonderful world of pearls, and new markets and new tech, and so there are some new pearl rules. Find out what you need to know so that you get what you paid for. If you want dipped, you get it (but you’ll know it), and if you want real, you get that too. Then Madame What’s-her-face can go pound sand.

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