Why ASJ Loves Pearls

You may have noticed that I love pearls and feature them in many different designs, whether they are the main focus, or simply an accent. I believe there is something truly classy and timeless about pearls. For some, pearls may conjure up little ladies lunching in day dresses or adorning a battleship of a business suit. These are all very classic uses of the traditional pearl strand, but as a designer, I shy away from the classic look which can easily, in these days, look dusty, prissy, or forbidding. Rule 10: these ain’t your grandmother’s pearls.

A good modern pearl strand will use its gorgeous luster to set off jeans, a sundress, a strappy top and skirt, or a little black dress. I think setting and stringing pearls with other gems gives them a little glitz, but also calms down the stiff, traditional feel just enough to make them really wearable. But pearls can make a girl giddy. Even though not even Coco Chanel, draped herself head to toe in giant loops of real pearls (remember she always took one thing off.) Wearing faux pearls was something she did for impact, when to wear real ones would have cost a mint.

Queen Elizabeth did wear real pearls (she owned the mint.) She wore them in her hair, on her dress, hands, shoes, and hats, and laminated her entire neck with them, but she was the queen, and no one was going to question her taste. Even now, a wall to wall pearlified look would probably be faux, or at least everyone would think it was, and so a judicious and careful use of pearls is the best way to show them off tastefully.

A modern pearl is a beautiful but more playful one, styled with a little edge to it, with different colored silks, with less traditional and more artistic clasps, and stylish touches of chain, gems, or leather. But modern pearl jewelry is, I believe, still indispensable to a lady who wants to look chic and elegant. Oh, and rich, whether she is or not.

“So, oui,¬†Madame, I am aware that my pearls are dipped. They are glass pearls, DUH, don’t you love the minty color? Oh and the cool green silk in the knots, shocking, I know. I have one for each day of the week, in different colors, what a kick, with matching earrings! Oh, and the clasp is solid silver. Bon voyage!”

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